Distance Learning

For those who prefer not to attend classes, we offer a convenient way for busy people to acquire Nationally Accredited qualifications without the inconvenience of having to schedule their time around attendance at formal classes.

Our Distance Learning opportunities allow students to achieve exactly the same qualification as those attending campus however instead of attending formal classes you receive interactive study sessions with your own trainer including:

  • Tele-tutorials; conveniently replacing in class sessions
  • High quality study resources from well recognised and respected publishers
  • Excellent easily understood workbook and course assessment resources
  • Online conferencing for groups
  • Unlimited telephone and email support offered

You and your tutor are in close contact by telephone and internet throughout your course so in many ways you are actually being supported better than those attending classes.


Distance learning delivery strategies

Distance Learning offers a range of proven delivery strategies to best suit the individual with their personal study requirements. With considerable experience in rural and remote business locations we have developed our strategies through experience and feedback from our clients.


These Distance Learning strategies can include:


With the best workbooks selected for each competency from resources published by Open Learning Australia, Prentice Hall and Pearson Education. These workbooks have an extensive range of theory and activities that are designed to support self-paced work-based learning. Training consultants use these as the basis for much of the learning material.

Customised material

In addition to the high quality workbooks there is also use a range of other materials such as text books and assessment activities that can be customised to the industry and the specific business environment you work in.


The Training consultants have considerable experience in planning and conducting learning workshops using teleconferences as a medium. The training consultants are skilled at gaining participation and structuring learning for individuals and small groups using the telephone. We find this to be a useful strategy to keep people in touch and focused on their learning goals.

Regular telephone and email contact

The trainers are always contactable via email and telephone for queries or support. The key approach to training is as a mentor and a coach so to stay in contact with our learners is vitally important and a valuable strategy to support the learner’s momentum.


When practical, we can organise for larger groups to come together for workshops were several subjects can be covered by our training consultants. We will incorporate these learning strategies into the training delivery plan for the trainees.

Local trainers

Where possible and practical we can supplement our distance learning strategies by using local trainers through subcontracting arrangements. When face-to-face training is important we will work particularly hard to find and support quality of the training through a local trainer.

e-learning strategies

For particularly e-literate trainees we can organise for e-learning strategies such as e-lessons and tutorial delivered by our training consultants and utilising chat rooms supervised by our training consultant.



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