Certificate IV in Information Technology (Multimedia) – ICA40805

download button19 units must be achieved.

Select all 6 Core units, plus 13 Elective units. It is expected that candidates enrolling in this course will have attained competent underpinning knowledge and skills.
Students may require access to specialised equipment either in a normal work environment or through a simulated environment provided by a College. Any prerequisites for this qualification may be achieved prior to commencement of this course.

Core units.

BSBCMN304A Contribute to personal skill development and learning

CUFMEM02A Author a multimedia product

CUSADM08A Address copyright requirements

PSPPM402B Manage simple projects

ICAW4214B Maintain ethical conduct

CUFGEN01A Develop and apply industry knowledge

Elective Courses
ICPMM321B Capture a digital image

CUFIMA01A Produce and manipulate digital images

CUFMEM10A Design and create a multimedia interface

ICPPP311B Develop a detailed design concept

CUFIMA03A Create 2D digital animation

CUFIMA05A Create 3D digital models and images

ICAB4135B Create a simple mark-up language document to specification

ICAB4169B Use development software and IT tools to build a basic website

ICAI4189B Ensure website content meets technical protocols and standards

CUFMEM12A Update web pages

CUFMEM04A Test a multimedia product

ICAB4075B Use a library or pre existing components

CUFMEM11A Design the navigation for a multimedia product

CUFCAM01A Set up and operate a basic video camera

CUFMEM13A Incorporate, design and edit digital video

ICPMM346B Incorporate video into multimedia presentations

ICAA4041B Determine and confirm client business expectations and needs

ICAB4225B Automate processes

ICAD4043B Develop and present a feasibility report

ICAD4217B Create technical documentation

ICAS4022B Determine and action client computing problems

ICAT4221B Locate equipment, system and software faults

ICAB4220B Create scripts for networking

ICAD3218B Create user documentation

xxITPrereqsB IT Prerequisites general PreReq

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