Certificate IV in Hospitality – SIT 40307

download button26 units must be achieved.
Select all 14 Core units, plus a total of 12 Elective units made up of the following combinations: minimum of 8 A plus B units; minimum of 8 A plus C units; minimum of 8 A plus D units.


Group A units

SITXFIN004A Manage finances within a budget

SITXFIN005A Prepare and monitor budgets

SITXFSA001A Implement food safety procedures

SITXGLC001A Develop and update legal knowledge required for busi-ness compliance

SITXHRM002A Recruit, select and induct staff

SITXHRM003A Roster staff

SITXHRM006A Monitor staff performance

SITXMGT002A Develop and implement operational plans

SITXMGT004A Develop and implement a business plan

SITXMGT006A Establish and conduct business relationships

SITXMPR004A Coordinate marketing activities

SITHIND001A Develop and update hospitality industry knowledge

Group B units
SITXCCS003A Manage quality customer service

SITXFIN007A Manage physical assets

SITXFIN008A Manage financial operations

SITXHRM007A Manage workplace diversity

SITXHRM008A Manage workplace relations

SITXMGT005A Manage business risk

SITXMPR005A Develop and manage marketing strategies

SITXOHS005A Establish and maintain an OHS system

Group C units
SITHFAB001A Clean and tidy bar areas

SITHFAB002A Operate a bar

SITHFAB005A Provide table service of alcoholic beverages

SITHFAB006A Operate cellar systems

SITHFAB009A Provide responsible service of alcohol

Core units.

SITXINV001A Receive and store stock

SITXCCS002A Provide quality customer service

SITXCOM001A Work with colleagues and customers

SITXCOM002A Work in a socially diverse environment

SITXCOM003A Deal with conflict situations

SITXFIN003A Interpret financial information

SITXHRM001A Coach others in job skills

SITXHRM005A Lead and manage people

SITXINV002A Control and order stock

SITXMGT001A Monitor work operations

SITXOHS001A Follow health, safety and security procedures

SITXOHS002A Follow workplace hygiene procedures

SITXOHS004A Implement and monitor workplace health, safety and security practices

SITHIND003A Provide and coordinate hospitality service

Group C units

SITHFAB010A Prepare and serve non alcoholic drinks

SITHFAB012A Prepare and serve espresso coffee

SITHFAB015A Prepare and serve cocktails

FDFCDSEWB Evaluate wines (standard)

Group D units

SITHFAB003A Serve food and beverage to customers

SITHFAB004A Provide food and beverage service

SITHFAB008A Provide room service

SITHFAB011A Develop and update food and beverage knowl-edge

SITHFAB013A Provide specialist advice on food

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