Certificate II and III in Retail (Combined) – SIR30207

download button24 units must be achieved.


Select all 11 Corse unitys, plus 3 units from either Group A (Generally Selling) or Group B (General Food Selling), plus 2 units from C Electives or A or B. Select a further 1 unit from D Electives, plus 7 Electives units.


Group A units

SIRZFIN001A Balange point-of-point-sale terminal

SIRZMER005A Create a display

SIRXSLS001A Sell products and services


Group B units

SIRRFSA001A Apply retail food safety practices

SIRRMER003A Prepare and display fast food items

SIRRRPK003A Advise on fast food products


Group C units

SIRXFIN002A Preform retail finance duties

SIRXMER001A Merchandise products

SIRXSLS002A Advise on products and services

THHGHS01B Follow workplace hygiene procedures


Core units.

SIRXCCS001A Apply point-of-sale handling procedures

SIRXCCS002A Interact with customers

SIRXCLM001A Organise and maintain work areas

SIRXCOM001A Communicate in the workplace

SIRXICT001A Operate retail technology

SIRXIND001A Work effectively in a retail environment

SIRXINV001A Perform stock control procedures

SIRXOHS001A Apply safe working practices

SIRXOHS002A Maintain store safety

SIRXRSK001A Minimise theft

SIRXRSK002A Maintain store security


Group D units

SIRXCCS003A Coordinate interaction with customers

SIRXSLS004A Build relationships with customers


Elective units

SIRXADM002A Coordinate retail office

SIRXFIN003A Products financial reports

SIRXICT003A Operate retail information technology systems

SIRXINV002A Maintain and order stock

SIRXMER002A Coordinate merchandise presentation

SIRXMPR001A Profile a retail market

SIRXQUA001A Develop innovative ideas at work

SIRXSLS003A Coordinate sales performance

TAADEL301C Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills



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