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Diploma Level Qualifications


BSB51107 Diploma of Business Management

BSB50207 Diploma of Business

FNS50210 Diploma of Accounting

BSB50407 Diploma of Business Administration

BSB51407 Diploma of Project Management

BSB50607 Diploma of Business Human Resources

BSB51207 Diploma of Business Marketing

BSB51307 Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety

BSB50307 Diploma of Customer Contact

CHC50908 Diploma of Children’s Services

SIT50307 Diploma of Hospitality

BSB60207 Advanced Diploma of Business

BSB60407 Advanced Diploma of Management

BSB60507 Advanced Diploma of Marketing

BSB60907 Advanced Diploma of Human Resources


Certificate IV Level Qualifications


BSB 40807 Certificate IV Business Frontline Management (Leadership)

BSB 40507 Certificate IV Business Administration

BSB40210 Certificate IV Bookkeeping

FNS40610 Certificate IV Accounting

BSB41707 Certificate IV Recordkeeping

BSB40607 Certificate IV Business Sales

BSB41407 Certificate IV Occupational Health & Safety

BSB41507 Certificate IV Project management

BSB 40207 Certificate IV Business

BSB 40110 Certificate IV Legal Services

BSB41307 Certificate IV Marketing

BSB41007 Certificate IV Business Human Resources

PRM40109 Certificate IV Asset Maintenance ( Cleaning Management)

BSB40307 Certificate IV Customer Contact

BSB40407 Certificate IV Small Business Management

SIR40207 Certificate IV Retail Management

MSA41108 Certificate IV Competitive Manufacturing

SIT40307 Certificate IV Hospitality

ICA40405 Certificate IV Information Technology (Networking)

ICA40205 Certificate IV Information Technology (Support)

ICA40805 Certificate IV Information Technology (Multimedia)

TAE 40110 Certificate IV Training & Assessment


Certificate III Qualifications


CPC30511 Certificate III in Dogging

CPC30711 Certificate III in Rigging

TLI31610 Certificate III in Warehouse Operations

CHC30712 Certificate III in Children’s Services

SIR30207 Certificate III Retail

SIT30207 Certificate II & III in Retail Combined

CHC30208 Certificate III Aged Care

SIT30707 Certificate III Hospitality

PRM30104 Certificate III Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations)

ICA30105 Certificate III Information Technology

TLI 30207 Certificate III Transport & Logistics ( Road Transport)

TLI 31610 Certificate III Transport & Logistics (Warehousing & Storage)

ICP20205 Certificate II Printing & Graphic Arts (Desktop Publishing

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