Apprenticeships & Business Services specialises in accessing Government funding for our clients training requirements.

Governments are funding Australians to be qualified and to improve on their existing knowledge and we pride ourselves in providing expert advice and services to assist businesses and individuals to access funding to cover the qualifications on-site training, the learning resources and workbooks needed to achieve an Nationally Accredited Qualification.

Apprenticeships & Business Services receives funding to provide these important services and so all of our work is provided at no cost to the business.

With recognised qualifications such as Project Management, WHS, Dogging, Rigging, Bookkeeping and Management available ,we will assist you to up-skill new and existing employee’s, improve productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Go to the qualification list and call Apprenticeships & Business Services on 1300 200 812 or email to find out if you too are eligible to receive funding to cover the full cost of the qualification of your choice.


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